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Founders Message


Viswasanthi Foundation was started with the objective of creating and delivering high impact and focused programs to the underprivileged sections of society in the areas of Healthcare and Education.

Why Healthcare & Education ? It has been proven over many research projects done worldwide, that people with better education live longer, healthier lives than those with fewer years of schooling. Education and Health are very closely linked and has long lasting ties with the income generating potential of people, which leads to better health within their families and communities. Better income means better the ability to spend on healthier food, seek timely medical help and thereby lead healthy lives. On the other hand, irregular work and wages & lack of savings, combined with the ever increasing medical costs of today results in entire families going through extended periods of low nutrition and unmet medical needs.

In 2017,we did a detailed study on the education & healthcare needs of the underprivileged population of Kerala, which led us to focus on two areas in the current year.

1. Providing infrastructure to schools to bridge the Digital divide in the poorer LP and UP schools across Kerala. Children from privileged backgrounds are from a early age aware of the digital world and its benefits largely due to their access to the tools like computers, tablets, smartphones and internet access. Digital access is slowly becoming the most important resource for education. We are committed to bridge this gap in Kerala.

2. Create a network of like minded hospitals across Kerala to deliver co-funded healthcare camps and similar initiatives aimed at reducing the financial burden of healthcare for the poor. As we have seen, the spiraling costs of Healthcare is leading many families to debt-traps, thereby resulting in decreased spending in other areas of life. We at Viswasanthi Foundation are tackling this issue by carefully targeted programs to ensure that the medical costs for commonly occurring procedures are kept at a minimum for the underprivileged.

Viswasanthi Foundation has already started rolling out Smart Classrooms across schools in the Tribal areas of Wayanad for the upcoming Academic year.We hope to roll out our Healthcare initiative by July 2018.

An endeavour of this nature requires help from all of you. However small your contribution might be in terms of your time or money, it will be accepted with the deepest gratitude.


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